What to bring…State Convention 2019

What to wear:

Weather will be mild approximately 70 degrees during the day & approximately 42 degrees through the night.

  • Comfortable clothing to work in.
  • Light to warm Jacket.
  • Clothing for your free time.
  • Of course I will be in shorts! (Heber)


  • Towel for bathing or water games.
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • The normal stuff-toothpaste, Toothbrush, etc.

For Convenience:

  • Camp Chair
  • Blanket (we will be having an out door movie & comfort)
  • Clothes you are not afraid to get wet
  • Favorite Pillow for comfort
  • Favorite snacks & drinks

For your Classes:

  • Tables(Can be shared, you will be paired up in class)
  • Bolster & Table covering
  • Lotions, Oil or Massage cream
  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Scraping Tools

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